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NC House District 41

I am not a career politician and don’t have any aspirations to be one. In fact, it’s my belief that term limits should be in place to eliminate career politicians. As a result, I pledge to serve at most a couple of terms.

Notably, I am a Christian, husband, father, grandfather, and neighbor as well as a thirty-five-year resident of Cary. As a result of my personal and professional accomplishments, I will bring a fresh, real-world, pragmatic perspective to the legislature.

Professionally, the bulk of my background is rooted in finance, with twenty-five years of experience within IBM and Lenovo Computer. Thirteen years ago, I transitioned into an entrepreneur and business owner of multiple very successful small businesses. Today, operations are based in Raleigh, yet the organization’s footprint covers the entire state.  As a result of responsibly growing these enterprises, I’ve created many jobs that provide a comfortable living for each employee and their families.   

I am characterized by integrity and fairness. I value faith, family, and freedom. All life is precious and should be protected and cherished. Here are some key issues that we know need to be addressed:

We need to “FIX” Broken Schools:

  • Parents should be empowered at schools.
  • Children should not be taught to hate each other. As Martin Luther King once said, “… they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
  • Expand affordable school choice including vouchers and more apprenticeships & work-based education. The money should follow the child to best meet their individual needs including private or home schooling.

Defend Women – They are under attack:

  • Most recent Supreme court justice does not know how to define a woman.
  • Biological men must not be allowed to compete in sports against biological women.
  • Police need to be fully funded to protect everyone.

Regain Freedoms:

  • We must cancel the “cancel culture.” Only through more dialogue can we understand each other so we can bridge the divide. There is more that unites us than divides us.
  • Ensure election integrity. We need to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.
  • We must end mandates such as a “choice” between a vaccine or a job.

Re-align Investment:

  • We must better manage growth such as roads and infrastructure. (NC is a great place to live and people will continue to move here.)

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